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So I YOLO’d pretty hard and signed up for this. Ill let y’all know how painful my death is.

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I dont feel like doing anything tonight…

Except for you… I’d do you

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Im so mainstream it’s hipster

I RELIGIOUSLY listen to Justin Beiber (who I affectionate call J.Beibs) Reece Mastin, One Direction and Taylor Swift among many others. and to get even MORE hipster mainstream; I BUY their CDS. Yes. Purchase. With money I worked for. CDs I bought from a shop. Where I had to TALK TO PEOPLE. And then I listen to these CDs in the car, in my CD player. Which is not a 6 stacker changing one. So I have to manually change them. And keep the cases in my centre console.

You know the best part? IM HELLA PROUD OF IT.

And I also believe I can bring back sick words like ‘hella’ but that’s a-whole-nother pretentious blog’s worth of fun to be had. So until then:

I could be your boyfriend, so just shout it out, it’s the little things, but we are never getting back together. Like ever…. and I like it like that ;)

"I think you like that band a little bit too much."

Them: “I think you like that band a little bit too much”
Me: “I think you breathe a little bit too much.”

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Well played, David Karp. Well played.

Thought I’d share for those who didn’t take the time to see these amazing pieces of genius :P

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Please knock…. Please come in.

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